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Doctor No by Ian Fleming

Read Doctor No online free Doctor No (also Dr No and Doctor No) is Ian Fleming's sixth James Bond novel, originally published on the 31 March 1958. The novel Doctor No was inspired by Ian Fleming having read Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu stories at Eton College.
Dr. No was originally a screenplay for producer Henry Morgenthau III in 1956 for what would have been a half-hour television show titled Commander Jamaica. When those plans came to naught, Ian Fleming adapted the screenplay, originally titled The Wound Man. In 1962, the novel Dr. No was adapted as the first James Bond feature film of the EON Productions James Bond 007 series.
The novel Dr No marks the first appearance of several James Bond signature character elements. Major Boothroyd, the MI6 armourer, appears in person for the first time.
James Bond gives up his pistol on orders from M. He is issued two replacement weapons, a Smith & Wesson Centennial revolver and a Walther PPK pistol; he carries the revolver on his mission in Jamaica, then switches to the pistol for all subsequent novels. The previous novel, From Russia, with Love, ended in a cliffhanger in which James Bond was poisoned by SMERSH agent Rosa Klebb. In Doctor No, M learns from a MI6 neurologist that the poison was tetrodotoxin, which paralyses the victim while they stay fully conscious, until eventually they die from asphyxiation. James Bond is given first aid treatment, while a doctor is urgently summoned. The doctor had dealt with various poisons and diagnoses curare poisoning and treats James Bond accordingly, but his chances of survival are extremely slim... (Summary by Wikipedia)

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